Software Quality Assurance Engineers

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We are looking for experienced software quality assurance engineers to be involved in all aspects of the development process, ensuring that appropriate levels of quality are maintained throughout. Not only will you be building and executing test plans, but you will also contribute during the requirements, architecture, design, and development activities so that the team's approach improves overall product quality and facilitates testing. You will also be required to advise on how to improve our development processes.

Experience with automated testing tools is important--but this alone is not enough. We are looking for somebody that understands and appreciates quality. Ideally, you will understand the theory and benefits of a wide variety of testing approaches and will be able to translate those theories into practical and proportional testing strategies.

Attitude, enthusiasm, attention to detail, communication, and teamwork are all very important characteristics.

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Software Quality Assurance Engineers
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If you think you have the right mix of skills and experience, please use the contact form or send a copy of your CV to [email protected]


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