Management  Team

SmithBayes is a software firm that has taken the sophisticated decision technology used in Formula 1 to underpin race strategy and applied it to the corporate market.

Our product has been derived from a one-off technology transfer of the McLaren Race Strategy technology and enhanced to meet the needs of corporate decision makers.

Our focus is to deliver software that is easy to use and visually appealing.

Our driving principle is that strategic decisions are complicated and inherently uncertain. This uncertainty can come from changes in the market, technology, or the actions of competitors or regulators. The decisions are often significant bets in terms of investment or competitive position – yet they still have to be made.

Our vision is to give our clients a professional platform that will enable them to consistently make the very best strategic decisions and ensure that they remain the optimal choice over time.

Chairman/ Greg Meekings
Previously CIO at Reuters, Greg had global responsibility for sales and operations. In his 20 year career at Reuters he led product management, consulting and R&D and was responsible for the European business.

CEO/ Simon Williams
Simon has over 15 years’ international experience in strategic business development and the application of emerging technology to business. His previous roles include VP, Strategy and Technology at ABN AMRO Bank, CEO at Nerve Wireless and Global Product Manager at Reuters.

Director of Strategy & Co-Founder/ Andy Harrison
Andy has more than 20 years’ experience in new product development as Head of Real Time Information Products at Reuters and VP Business Strategy at Mediasurface.

Director of Product Development/ Allen Jones
Allen has 15 years experience covering a wide range of IT disciplines in a variety of business sectors. His experience includes architecting and implementing enterprise systems for BP, Credit Suisse, Natwest Bank and BAA and the development of ground breaking financial and e-commerce software solutions for Mondex, Oilspace, and a variety of banks operating in Russia.

Director of Customer Services/ Annette Stark
Annette has 20 years experience in the Financial Services market in London and New York where she spent time at Reuters defining, implementing and supporting software and data solutions for financial organisations.  She has experience in product development and marketing as well as pre- and post- sales customer support. 

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